Greta L. Gooden(non-registered)
I love and enjoyed my photo I expected you were a professional. Of course I will recommend your work as well as use you for future upcoming events. Love my photograghs and thanks for your patience and professionalism.
Greta L. Gooden(non-registered)
Your photograghs have captured the most important and beautiful moments of this young couple's special day. Which is why I am a fan of your work...Kelvin, you truly are blessed with a gift.
Alec Banks(non-registered)
I want to personally thank my brother and friend Kelvin for taking time out of his busy schedule to photograph my retirement June 2013. I love everyone one of the pictures that were taken that day. Again I appreciate you and what you've done for me and my family. Semper Fi!
Tina Carey(non-registered)
Great site! I enjoyed look at your pictures and very professionally done.
Catrina Teel Upshaw(non-registered)
May God's grace continue to bless you in what is naturely viewed as your passion. I absolutely love the unique aspects you capture in your photographs creating lasting memories. While vieiwing your portfolio it made me feel as if I was physically present sharing in the occasion. Your photographs seem to capture the essence of the moment...Awesome!
Evelyn Clarke(non-registered)
What a wonderful person to have such a delightful attitude about business and the joy he can bring to others. I'm happy to have him as a friend and role model.
L. B. Raymond(non-registered)
Great website! Very soothing and enjoyable. I am proud of you and looking forward to seeing more of your work. Thank you for sharing.
China Daniel(non-registered)
Great pictures
Tiffany Ferrari(non-registered)
Awesome site Kelvin! I love your portfolio work that you have displayed thus far and I can't wait to see your future galleries and watch you grow into the photographer that God has blessed you to be. I also look forward to networking with you in the future and hopefully teaming up and working a job or two together. I pray that guide prospers you as you grow in your business and come into your own style as a photographer. Keep God first, and stay encouraged. Your blessings will only multiply from this point forward, I declare it in Jesus name, therefore it is already so!
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